You can reach out to us through our Twitter account via DM, or through our CuriousCat! We also have an email address (adrestianenquirer@gmail.com), but may not check that as regularly, so Twitter/CuriousCat is recommended.

Our zine will be available for free in digital format. We will offer it for viewing on our website, and also make it available to download for free as a digital PDF.

At this time, we are not planning to provide our zine in physical format or have merch available. 

Since this is a free zine, there are no specific contributor rewards.

Since this is a free zine, we are not a charity zine.

We will not accept tips directly, but we will provide kofi links for our contributors who have one and who are comfortable with us doing so, so that you can provide directly to the creators you love!

Since this is a free zine and we will not be accepting any money directly, we have no requirement for a finance mod.

It is currently outlawed by the Adrestian Secret Service to distribute lewd images of our nation’s leaders in the public press. Therefore, this will be a SFW zine and no sexual situations will be depicted.

If you are not invited directly as a guest, then there is no application process, only a submission process! Check our Twitter account or the above section in this guide for more information.

As long as you meet our submission guidelines and deadlines, and provide any edits/revisions to your piece as required by our mod team (if applicable), your submission will not be rejected!

Our goal is to provide a community zine where all who want to may participate. Size and word count limitations will be taken into consideration accordingly. 

Yes! In fact, we encourage it, especially artists teaming up with writers for their articles or vice versa.

Sure! But please note, you will be limited to the same specs for a single contribution (you don’t get extra word count for being a writer duo).

Due to sizing considerations of the zine and the desire for everyone’s work to be showcased, we will need to limit each contributor to only one community contribution.

Yeah! Being invited as a guest doesn’t preclude you from participating in a community piece.

Of course! We only ask that you wait to share your full work until after the zine is released. Providing a cropped preview image or writing snippet of your work prior to the zine released is allowed.


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